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Jumbula Portal

To Register:

1)    Go to

2)  Click on ‘Register’

3)  Scroll down to select which registration you would like to fill out. *Note: If you are registering to become a Camp Fire Oneida member, please do this before registering your child for camp as you will receive an email with a coupon code to apply to your camp fees.

4)  Click the orange ‘Express Registration’ button in the bottom right corner.

5)   You will then be prompted to create a log in for Jumbula using your email address. Please use your primary email as we will be sending important info via email.

6)   Select each session (single days or full weeks) and then click the orange ‘Continue’ button in the bottom right corner. *Note: if you are registering multiple campers with the same schedule, you will have to enter each registration/schedule individually.

7)   You will then select ‘New Participant’ and be prompted to fill out the actual registration. Click the orange ‘Continue’ button once you have filled out the registration.

8)  Read and agree to the waiver, then click the orange ‘Continue’ button again.

9)   Select payment option-Either pay in full (already selected) or select the ‘Pay Deposit Now’ payment plan. Paying in full will require you to pay for the $15 application fee as well as all camp fees for selected sessions. Choosing the ‘Pay Deposit Now’ payment plan will require payment of the $15 application fee plus 10% of camp fees for selected sessions. Remaining balance of all sessions being due before or at the start of each session. Click continue once you select a payment option.

10)  You will be brought to a checkout page. Now is the time to add your coupon code if you are a member. Scroll down to enter payment information. Registration is not considered complete until payment of application fee and deposit have been made. If payment is not received within 10 days of registering, registration will be cancelled. ‘


To Make a Payment:

1)    Go to our homepage at and follow the links to ‘Jumbula Portal’ or go straight to

2)  This is Camp Birchrock’s Jumbula homepage. Click on the ‘menu’ button (3 stacked horizontal gray lines) in the upper right corner. Then click ‘Log In’

3)  Log in to your Jumbula account using your email address

4)  Click the ‘menu’ button again on the Camp Birchrock Jumbula homepage to display your menu. Click ‘Enrollments’ >’Payments’

5)   An interactive calendar, showing payments made and due, will appear and take up your entire screen. Use the arrows in the top right corner of the calendar to go through the calendar. You may click on your remaining due balances on the days they are due. Please note, if you have signed up for individual days, you will be invoiced weekly. 

6)   A box will appear asking if you would like to pay the entire due amount or make a partial payment. If choosing to make a partial payment, you will be prompted to type in the amount of the payment you would like to make. Click continue after you have selected how much you would like to pay.

7)   Enter payment information and confirm your payment. *Note: To add preferred payment method, click the menu button > your username > payment methods.

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within